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Travelling can be an exciting experience however, standing in a long queue before starting one is dreadful. Well, now you can easily save your time by doing web check-in. Airlines have incorporated online and mobile check-in facilities to offer convenience to customers. Similarly, Avelo check in also offers flexible check-in facilities to its customers while staying at home. 

Avelo Airlines is a ultra low cost carrier, formerly known as Casino Express Airlines and Xtra Airways, operated charter flights before transitioning to schedule commercial operations and rebranding as Avelo Airlines in 2021. The airline is headquartered at Houston, Texas. The airline has several base airports at Las Vegas, New Haven, Burbank, Orlando and Releigh/ Durham. The airline currently operates on 44 destinations with 16 aircrafts in its fleet. 

Avelo check in Requirements

Avelo Airlines provides the feasibility and liberty to every customer in every aspect from check-in to select meals before boarding. However, there are some Avelo check in  guidelines that customers should adhere to for a seamless experience.

  • During the check-in process, passengers must carry valid government identity proof along with passport, visa and electronic travel permission. 
  • Avelo Airlines has several check-in alternatives like online web check-in and mobile check-in along with Self-service kiosk check-in and traditional airport counter check-in. 
  • Avelo check in starts 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure depending on the destination.
  • The airline advises customers to reach ahead of their schedule to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Avelo check in Time 

Avelo Airlines advises passengers to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. The airlines also have different Avelo Air  check-in timing depending on different check-in methods. 

Avelo Airlines Online Web Check-in 

The airline allows passengers to check-in online through the web check-in which offers more convenience to customers while staying at home. You can check-in online before you arrive at the airport. The online check-in is available 24 hours to 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of Avelo flight. 

Avelo Airlines Mobile Check-in 

Alternatively, you can also use the easy Mobile check-in option to check-in for flights. All you need to do is download the application from IOS Play Store or from Apple Store. The mobile check-in for Avelo flight is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Avelo Airlines Self-Service Kiosk 

Passengers can complete their Avelo check in process at the airport and also receive their boarding pass with the help of self-service kiosks. Once you reach the airport, go straight to the self-service check-in kiosk where you can avoid long queues. Passengers can check-in for their flight from the kiosk at least 3 hours to 30 minutes before their journey. 

Avelo Airlines Airport Counter Check-in 

Passengers are advised to reach the airport for Avelo check in  procedure. Avelo check in  starts 3 hours before scheduled flight departure and ends 40 minutes before the flight departure. 

Avelo check in Options in 

Avelo Airlines has multiple check-in options which allows passengers to experience flexibility and feasibility at the same time. 

Avelo Online Web Check-in 

  • For Avelo check in , login to the official website of the airline
  • Retrieve the booking by filling your booking ID, ticket number, and last number of the passenger. 
  • Select the flight and passenger before proceeding. 
  • Choose your seat and meal depending on your journey. 
  • Lastly, pay for your seat and proceed with check-in and receive a boarding pass. 
  • Download the boarding pass and get it printed for later.

Exceptions to Web Check-in  

Below mentioned passengers cannot check-in via online method and must check-in directly at thecheck-in counter at the airport.

  • Passengers with unconfirmed booking are not eligible for online web check-in facility. 
  • Passengers with outstanding payment or unconfirmed booking are also not eligible for a Avelo web check-in facility.
  • Unaccompanied minors cannot check-in online and must check-in directly at the airport. 
  • Passengers with special needs have to check-in directly at the airport counter. 
  • Passengers travelling with pets are not eligible to check-in online and must check-in at the counter. 
  • Group booking of more than 9 passengers on the same booking are not eligible for web check-in.

Avelo Mobile Check-in 

Passengers check-in though Avelo mobile check-in app don’t have to carry a physical boarding pass. During the security checkpoint, and boarding gate, passengers can display their digital boarding pass with QR code to the scanner. 

  • Download the official Avelo Airlines app from the IOS app store. 
  • Log in to the account and proceed to do Avelo check in  to your flight. 
  • Enter the reservation number, last name, flight number to retrieve the booking.
  • Lastly, click on the check-in button to complete the check-in process.

Avelo Kiosk Check-in 

Those who haven’t checked-in for their Avelo flight online can check-in at the airport with the help of a self -service Kiosk machine. 

  • Locate a Kiosk machine inside the airport terminal. 
  • Insert your reservation details such as reservation number, flight number and last name. 
  • Choose the number of passengers you want to check-in. 
  • Select your seat and proceed to pay for seat selection.
  • Confirm check-in and print the boarding pass. 
  • In case of checked baggage, print baggage tag and drop the bags at the baggage drop section.

Avelo check in Status 

Avelo check in  status ensures to offer its customers an efficient service through their journey. The check-in status of the flight allows passengers to plan their journey ahead and avoid unnecessary delay at the airport. 

  • Passengers often receive confirmation regarding their check-in status via message or email, verifying their successful check-in. 
  • Typically seats are assigned to customers upon their check-in either automatically or based on their request. 
  • Avelo Airlines advises its passengers to reach the airport early to complete security checkpoints along with check-in and boarding formalities.
  •  Passengers with checked baggage are requested to proceed to the baggage drop section at least 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure. 
  • Passengers with special needs are requested to notify the airlines priorly before Avelo check in so that they can arrange required assistance if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I check-in Avelo Airlines? 

    Avelo Airlines offers multiple check-in facilities like online check-in with the website or mobile app, self-service Kiosk at the airport or traditional check-in at Avelo counter.

  • What is the Avelo check in time?

    Avelo airline check in is available from 24 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled departure for both International and domestic flights. 

  • Is there any choice to add luggage after Avelo airlines check-in?

    Yes, you can add or buy additional luggage after you finish the check-in for Avelo Airlines. You can get your baggage tag printed either at the self-service kiosk or at Avelo check in counter. 

  • When should I reach the airport to catch my Avelo Airlines flight? 

    For international flights, you should reach the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure. For domestic flights, reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. 

  • Can I check-in with Avelo mobile app?

    Yes, Avelo mobile app offers more convenience and flexibility when it comes to check-in. 

  • When I check-in for my Avelo Flight? 

    The Avelo air check in starts 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Passengers can either check-in via online or offline method. 

  • How do I check my Avelo flight status?

    You can login to the official website of Avelo or you can access the mobile app to check the flight status. Just add your flight number and reservation number in the check flight status section. 

  • Do I have to pay for seats in Avelo Airlines?

    Passengers check-in before the check-in deadline can select their desired seats without additional cost. However, in case of a lapse of check-in time, the airline staff will accommodate random seats to passengers. 

  • Do I need my e-ticket to check-in?

    An international passenger needs to have a print copy of e-ticket and boarding pass to clear the security checks. For domestic flights, passengers can use the mobile boarding pass which has digital QR that can be scanned at the boarding gate.

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