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Standing in a long queue before a long flight can be a terrible start to a journey. With heavy baggage and tonnes of security formality, the whole airport experience can tire you out even before you get to the check-in counter. That’s why Breeze Airways offers its customers the convenience of check-in online. Breeze check in can be done through several ways including online web check-in, mobile check-in along with offline check-in at self-service kiosk and traditional airport counter check-in. 

Breeze Airways is a low-cost airline that began its operations in 2018 with its headquarter in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Breeze Airways debuted with 39 routes and 16 airports across Southeast and Eastern U.S and currently functioning with 80 routes and 30 destinations. Being a point to point airline, Breeze intentionally focuses on secondary cities which don’t have nonstop airline service. 

Breeze check in Requirements 

The airline offers flexibility and liberty to every customer in every aspect from check-in to select meals before boarding. However, there are some Breeze check in  guidelines that customers should adhere to for a seamless experience.

  • During the check-in process, passengers must carry valid government identity proof along with passport, visa and electronic travel permission. 
  • Breeze Airways  has several check-in alternatives like online web check-in and mobile check-in along with Self-service kiosk check-in and traditional airport counter check-in. 
  • Breeze Airways check in starts 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure depending on the destination.
  • The airline advises customers to reach ahead of their schedule to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Breeze check in Timelines 

The airline advises each passenger to adhere to the check-in timelines to avoid any hassle at the last minute. Breeze Airline Check in online process starts 24 hours before the scheduled flights while the airport check-in starts 2 hours before scheduled flight departure. 

  • Online check-in (Web and Mobile App) check-in starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure of Breeze flight. This option is quite helpful when you want to save time and hassle at the airport. Online check-in process is also simply where you just have to access the official website to complete the check-in process. 
  • Airport check in breeze airways usually opens 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. The airline advises you to reach the airport at least 3 hours before both domestic and international flights.

Breeze check in Requirements 

Before check-in Breeze Airways, it is essential for passengers to carry required documents to travel for the journey. 

  • Passengers should carry their valid government documents before travelling to airports. It should be ensured that the government documents are not expired and matches the anime of your ticket. 
  • As per Breeze check in, passengers are requested to carry their boarding pass. Breeze airlines allows you to print your boarding pass before reaching the airport. However, if you have missed the opportunity to do it at home, you can always obtain the boarding pass at the Breeze check-in counter at the airport. 
  • Airlines request the passengers to carry their passport before travelling internationally. For international flights, it is essential to display a passport before doing Breeze check in at the airport. The passport at least should have six months of validity remaining beyond the intended date of return.

Breeze Check-in Options

It is important for passengers to know the exact way to check-in through every method. 

Online Web Check-in

  • Login to the official website of the airline
  • Retrieve the booking by filling your booking ID, ticket number, and last number of the passenger. 
  • Select the flight and passenger before proceeding. 
  • Choose your seat and meal depending on your journey. 
  • Lastly, pay for your seat and proceed with check-in and receive a boarding pass. 
  • Download the boarding pass and get it printed for later.

Mobile Check-in 

Another alternative to online Breeze check in is through mobile check-in. Passengers can simply download the official application from the IOS playstore on their smartphones.  

  • Download the official Airline app from the IOS app store. 
  • Log in to the account and proceed to check-in for the flight. 
  • Enter the reservation number, last name, flight number to retrieve the booking.
  • Lastly, click on the check-in button to complete the check-in process. 
  • Download the boarding pass and save it on your phone. You can either use it digitally at the boarding gate or you can get it printed as well.

Some Exceptions to Breeze Airways Check-in

Online check-in is not available for all kinds of passengers, according to the airline, certain passengers will have to Breeze check in directly at the Breeze counter at the airport. 

  • Unaccompanied minors without guardians have to complete Breeze check in at the airport counter and must submit an unaccompanied minor form as well signed by the legal guardian. 
  • Passengers travelling with pets are not allowed to check-in online. They must check-in directly at the Breeze counter. 
  •  Passengers with special needs and assistance must check-in at the counter. 
  • During situations of high-security, passengers are required to complete Breeze check in at the airport counter only.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

Those who haven’t checked-in for their Breeze flight online can check-in at the airport with the help of a self -service Kiosk machine. 

  • For the Breeze check in, locate a Kiosk machine inside the airport terminal. 
  • Insert your reservation details such as reservation number, flight number and last name. 
  • Choose the number of passengers you want to check-in. 
  • Select your seat and proceed to pay for seat selection.
  • Confirm breeze check in and print the boarding pass. 
  • In case of checked baggage, print baggage tag and drop the bags at the baggage drop section.

Airport Counter Check-in 

Airport Breeze check in counter opens 3 hours before scheduled departure. Passengers who want to seek guidance or have a query can also take assistance from the counter. 

  • The airline advises passengers to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure of flight to complete the Breeze check in timely. 
  • Provide the staff at the counter with booking ID, flight number and last name. 
  • Show the necessary government documents along with passport and visa. 
  • The Breeze airline staff will process your request and will print your boarding pass simultaneously. 
  • As per Breeze check in, you may have to pay a breeze boarding pass fee which is ideally $3 to the staff for printing the boarding pass. 
  • Travellers who are only allowed to check-in at the airport under certain circumstances will not be charged any fees. 
  • Lastly, after completing the Breeze check in proceed to the baggage drop section if you have any and reach the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I check-in Breeze Airways? 

    Breeze Airways offers multiple check-in facilities like online check-in with the website or mobile app, self-service Kiosk at the airport or traditional check-in at Breeze Airways counter.

  • What is the Breeze check in time?

    Breeze check in is available from 24 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled departure for both International and domestic flights. 

  • Is there any choice to add luggage after check-in to Breeze Airways  Airlines?

    Yes, you can add or buy additional luggage after you finish the breeze airlines check in. You can get your baggage tag printed either at the self-service kiosk or at Breeze Airways baggage drop counter. 

  • When should I reach the airport to catch my Breeze Airways flight? 

    For Breeze Airways flights, you should reach the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure. The check-in counter closes 60 minutes before the flight takes off.

  • Can I check-in with Breeze Airways mobile app?

    Yes, Breeze Airways mobile app offers more convenience and flexibility when it comes to check-in. You can also pre-book meals, add seats or other facilities like pet assistance and more. 

  • When should I check-in for my Breeze Airways Flight? 

    The Breeze check in starts 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Passengers can either do Breeze flight check in via online or offline method. 

  • How do I check my Breeze Airways flight status? 

    You can login to the official website of Breeze Airways or you can access the mobile app to check the flight status. Just add your flight number and reservation number in the check flight status section.

  • Do I have to pay for seats in Breeze Airways?

    Under a certain fee, passengers can choose their desired seats in Breeze Airlines. The seats are distributed as per different cabins with names dubbed as NIce, Nicer and NIcest. Nice seats are the general economy seats with limitations. Nicer seats offer more legroom and facilities while the Nicest are also called as the First class of Breeze airways. 

  • Do I need my e-ticket to check-in?

    An international passenger needs to have a print copy of e-ticket and boarding pass to clear the security checks. For domestic flights, passengers can use the mobile boarding pass which has digital QR that can be scanned at the boarding gate.

  • What happens if I don’t check-in 24 hours before the flight? 

    If you don’t check-in within 24 hours of check-in period then you may not be able to select your desired seat. You may also have to pay a late check-in fee as a consequence.  

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