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Life comes with unpredictability and so do travel plans. You may come across circumstances when you have to change your flights and thus have to pay hefty additional charges for it. But that’s not the case with Turkish Airlines which allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours without any cancellation fee and along with that you can change your flight within 12 hours of booking fee with a minimal change fee. On top of that, Turkish Airlines Change Flight policy also allows you to change your flight a few hours before the departure. To know more, read this comprehensive guide to save your hard-earned money and hassle. 

Turkish Airlines, the national airline of Turkey was established in 1933. The airline offers flights to 271 destinations in 5 continents including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America. It is also the largest mainline carrier in the world in terms of passengers carried.  In terms of the total number of destinations covered, it ranks as the fourth-largest carrier in the globe. Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 340 passenger aircraft made up of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer models.

Flight Change Policy for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines change flight Policy ensures flexibility and convenience when it comes to changing or rescheduling flights. However, it’s best to go through the policies so that you can avoid any unnecessary hassle. 

  • According to the policy, passengers can make necessary changes in the booking within 12 hours of booking for domestic flight with a minimum change fee. 
  • According to Turkish Airlines, in case any ticket not purchased from the official website, mobile app, or official Turkish ticket counters, passengers must pay the entire amount of ticket as change fee and must reissue the ticket from the above-mentioned centres. 
  • If the changes are made on the day of departure, then as per Turkish airlines change flight, the airlines have the right to take the entire ticket value as change fee. 
  • For flight booking with origin or destination in the US or Canada have 24 hours of risk-free period to change or cancel their flight.

Date Change Policy in Turkish Airlines 

It is quintessential to have the freedom to change the date of travel in case of emergency. Keeping this in mind, Turkish Airlines has a date change policy to ensure that customers have liberty to travel as per their convenience. However, like everything this policy also has terms and conditions which should be kept in mind. 

  • According to Turkish Airlines change flight policy, a passenger can only change the date in the same route, destination and cabin. 
  • The Turkish Airline date change policy states that passengers cannot change their flight date on the same day of departure. It is only allowed if you pay a certain amount for change fee. 
  • If the changed itinerary costs more than the original one then the passenger has to pay the additional charges along with change fee. 
  • Also, a passenger who does not choose to buy a seat at the time of booking cannot use the seat selection feature in future as well. 
  • In case of international flights, the airline has a distinct change fee depending on the destinations as per Turkish Airlines change fee policy.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Turkish Airlines change flight policy allows you to change the name of a passenger in case of transfer of ticket. However, it has few regulations to ensure a smooth and seamless process for customers. 

  • The Airlines allows passengers to switch their flights till the date of the departure. A passenger can change the name to the initial booking by simply paying the change fee. 
  • The name change is only allowed to those people who have purchased the ticket from the official channels of the airline. 
  • Tickets booked from third-party platforms are subjected to changes from the third party platforms only. 
  • As per Turkish Airlines change flight passengers must make adjustments to the booking at least one hour before the scheduled departure time. Once the allotted time lapse, the passenger has to pay the airline the entire value of the ticket at change fee. 
  • However, the same day name change policy is not applicable for some long-haul flights and thus, the airline urges passengers to contact the customer support team for more information. 
  • The name change is only permitted to passengers travelling on the same route, on the same destination as the original one as per Turkish Airlines change flight. 
  • Passengers who have checked-in for their flight are not allowed to change name in their booking and if done so, they will be charged the entire value of the ticket as change fee as per Turkish Airlines change flight policy.

Turkish Airlines Change Fee for Award Flights 

Turkish airlines change flight allows you to change the flight time and date in award flight or comparisons flight under some terms and conditions. 

  • If an award flight or compassion has already been issued then an additional flight change fee will be applicable per change as long as the flight is valid. 
  • The flight time, date and route can be modified within the same award region and travel class. However, if a passenger wants to change route and destination then additional charges will be applicable.

Turkish Airlines Change Fee

Turkish Airlines change fee is based on several factors including type of fare, the timing of the change and the route as per Turkish Airlines change flight policy. 

For International Route 

  • Passengers likely have to pay change fees between $200 to $400 for long-haul flights. 
  • In some scenarios, airlines can charge up to 20% – 30% on the total fare as change fee. 
  • For same day departure modification, the airline can charge up to 70% of the total fare of the ticket as per Turkish Airlines change flight.

Domestic Routes 

  • For domestic short-haul flights, passengers are required to pay between $60 to $120 as change fee. 
  • To make same day changes, passengers must pay the entire ticket value as a change fee. 
  • In case the flight has been voluntarily cancelled by the airlines, then you can change the flight without any additional Turkish Airlines flight change fee.

How to Change In Booking With Turkish Airlines ?  

Turkish Airlines allows you to change your flight dates through a few easy methods. You can either change the flight via online method or through the mobile app or by contacting Turkish Airlines  customer support team. You can also make necessary changes by opting for an offline method which includes going to the official Turkish counter at the airport, self-service kiosk. 

Online Method 

  • Go to the Turkish Airlines official website. 
  • Look for the “Manage Booking” tab on the homepage
  • Click on it to proceed with your reservation information including last name, and book reference number and ticket number to proceed with Turkish Airlines change flight.  
  • Once adding necessary information, click on proceed to retrieve your booking details. 
  • On the booking management page, locate the flight you wish to change and click on it. 
  • Look for alternate available flights and check if the seats are available on your desired flight.
  • Select the new flight on your preferred date and click on “ Change Flight”. 
  • Review flight details of the new booking including the date of departure and additional fare difference or fee. 
  • If there is a fare difference, proceed to pay the difference of fare to confirm the booking 
  • After payment proceeds, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline with updated booking details as per Turkish Airlines  flight change policy.

Through Mobile App

  • Install the official Turkish Airlines  app from the Google (Android) or Apple (IOS) app store. 
  • Open the app and login in using your Turkish Airlines credentials. 
  • Once logged in, navigate to find the “Manage Booking” tab to access the flight booking. 
  • Then add your original booking details to retrieve the reservation. 
  • Search for alternate flights and proceed to change the flight. 
  • In case of fare difference, pay the difference of fare and confirm the booking. 
  • Lastly, you will receive confirmation email from the airlines regarding the updated booking.

Customer Service 

  • Dial change flight or customer care number of the airline to initiate Turkish Airlines change flight process.
  • Provide the airline representative with your reservation details consisting of booking ID and ticket number and last name. 
  • After your input, the representative will proceed with the flight change process. 
  • The agent will check the availability of alternate flights and will ask you to pay change fees. If necessary, you may also have to pay a difference of fare if the cost of alternate flight is higher than the original one. 
  • Once the payment is done, you will receive confirmation regarding your updated flight.

Offline Method – Airport Counter 

  • Go to the airport counter of Turkish Airlines and provide the available staff with your booking details to process your Turkish Airlines ticket change. 
  • The agent will review your request and will proceed to make changes to your ticket according to the availability. 
  • Once the staff confirms the renewed booking, pay the change fee and receive your updated ticket instantly.

Through Self-Service Kiosk 

  • At the airport, access the self-service kiosks at Turkish Airline terminal. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and enter booking details like ticket number, booking ID. 
  • Check the available alternate flights and confirm if satisfied. 
  •  Proceed to change the flight and pay the change fee. 
  • Lastly, get your revised ticket print instantly.

Bottom Line 

It can be extremely bothersome when it comes to changing travel plans. However with the Turkish Airlines change flight option, you can change your flight easily.  With the added change fee, you can change the date and time along with the name of the booking. So, if you are flying with Turkish Airlines and expecting a change of plan, then don’t worry and use the easy flight change process of the airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the Turkish Airline flight change policy? 

    According to the Turkish Airlines change flight, passengers can make necessary changes in the booking within the risk-free duration of 12 hours of booking the ticket with just paying change fee. Also, if the changes are made on the same date of departure then the airline has the complete right to charge the full value of the ticket as change fee. 

  • Can I change my Turkish Airline Flight within 24 hours? 

    Turkish Airlines does not have a 24 hour risk period. Rather you can change your flight within 12 hours with just paying the change fee. Beyond 12 hours, Turkish Airline bookings are non-changeable. However, flights from the US or Canada are only eligible for 24 hours risk-free changes as well as cancellation. 

  • How much does the Turkish Airline charge for flight change? 

    Passengers likely have to pay Turkish Airlines change flight fee between $200 to $400 for long-haul flights. For domestic short-haul flights, passengers are required to pay between $60 to $120 as change fee. 

  • Will I be informed if the airline changes my flight? 

    Yes, if the airline experiences a situation where a flight change is necessary, then you will be informed via SMS, email. 

  • Can I change the date of my flight on Turkish Airlines?  

    Yes, you can change the date of travel with Turkish Airline, you may be charged for a change fee along with fare difference between the original and new flight as per Turkish airlines change flight. 

  • Can we change the flight date after confirming booking with Turkish Airlines?

    Yes, according to Turkish Airlines change flight policy, you can change your flight date even after booking only if the booking has been made from the official channels of the airlines such as website, mobile app, airport counter. 

  • Does Turkish Airlines have a flight change option for international flights? 

    Yes, you can change your international flight booking within 12 hours of booking it by paying a change fee of $200. However, flights from/to the US or Canada have 24 hours of free flight change or cancellation as per Turkish Airlines change flight. 

  • What happens if the price is increased after making changes in the original flight? 

    In case, if the fare of the changed flight is increased more than the original, then you will have to pay the fare difference to confirm the updated booking. 

  • Will I have to pay any fees for changing my ticket? 

    Some fee may be applicable depending upon the fare types, date and time and cabin class of the ticket purchased as per change to Turkish Airlines flight policy. 

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