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Finally summer is here! Summer adds a lot of outdoor fun with a pinch of tan and lots of sweats. The sunny days, balmy weather, and plenty of outdoor fun are what make Summer worth the wait. From swimming to camping, hiking, fishing, and heading to the national parks and amusement parks, there are a lot to experience in Summer. However, choosing a summer experience can be daunting and even a well-worn tourist would be curious to find out underrated summer travel ideas that can actually turn out to be pretty exciting.

We know the amount of effort it takes to come up with a perfect summer planning. From finding the perfect destination to identifying multiple things to do and places to visit suitable to the season, it takes lots of research and planning. So be with us as we will be unveiling some of the best yet underrated travel ideas for summer.

Check out our guide:

Denali National Park - Alaska

To Escape The Heat, Head to Alaska

Well, Alaska is a winter destination, where you go to witness the northern lights and midnight sun. But it is also a perfect destination to escape the summer heat. Instead of sweating it out, head to Denali National Park in the far north, where temperature doesn’t exceed 66 degrees in July, the warmest month of the season. Interestingly, it is also the perfect month of the year to spot wildlife, enjoy river rafting, hiking the Rock Creek Trail or Triple Lakes Trail. There are six campgrounds throughout the park, so you can spend the entire night here. Exploring Alaska in summer is one of the most underrated summer travel ideas.

Colorado’s Telluride

Experience Summer in Colorado’s Telluride

When it comes to summer vacation in the US, nothing goes beyond the theme parks of Orlando or Miami beaches. While both of them are non-negotiable, why don’t you visit Telluride for a change? This former Victorian mining town in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains hardly gets noticed by tourists. Its forested peaks, historic houses, performing arts venue, historic museums, and bounty of outdoor activities make it an idyllic vacation destination. Moreover, it offers stunning views of San Juan Mountains and the skyline of this small mining town is dominated by 14,000 foot peaks. From kayaking, hiking, biking, to paddleboarding there are a lot to do in this chic, action-packed, modern day village.

Finger Lakes - New York City

Explore Finger Lakes to Escape the Summer Crowd of NYC

One of the most underrated summer travel ideas is to visit Finger Lakes. It is a group of eleven long and narrow north south lakes, and is a perfect place to escape the summer crowd of NYC. It is just 255 miles from New York City and is a perfect spot to beat the heat. While it has eleven lakes and each of them have their own charm, visitors mostly explore the two largest lakes- Seneca and Cayuga. Finger Lakes and its nearby villages offer abundant activities and sightseeing opportunities. Sunning gorges, hiking trails, waterfalls, and abundant wineries make Finger Lakes a must-visit destination in New York. The bustling village of Watkin Glen has a state park and a vibrant dining scene. The Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is a designated Audubon important bird area, where you can easily spot wildlife and migratory birds.

stowe vermont summer

Vermont Isn’t Just For the Winters

Stowe, a small town in Vermont, breaks the notion that the state is for the winters. Vermont is considered hardly a summer destination and so visiting Stowe can be considered one of the underrated summer travel ideas. During summer, this small mountain town comes alive with mountain bikers, zip liners, hikers, and more. During the summer season, Stowe transforms itself into a kaleidoscope of blue sky and emerald green water. It is a perfect place in Vermont to enjoy an action-packed summer. From fishing, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, and swimming, there are lots to do in Stowe. Spend your afternoon hiking along the Sterling Pond and then head to Waterbury, where you can tour the original Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory or enjoy a wide variety of micro breweries and wineries, while interacting with the locals. The Ellison Estate Vineyard and Trapp Brewery are some of the finest choices to settle in for a can of beer after the sundown.

Door County - Wisconsin

Cherry-Picking Season In Door County, Wisconsin

Door County summer means the sun is bright, weather is warm, and the water calls you to swim. Its summer is second to none. Visiting Door County is one of the cheap summer travel ideas you should execute if you are on a budget and wish to explore the off-the-beat destination. Tourists visit Door County for its shipwrecks, rocky beaches, fish broils, cherry farms, and lighthouses. Summer in Door County is the cherry-picking season. The entire town blooms with cherries during summer. So, while you are here, try your hands on a fresh cherry pie. Take a tour to the lighthouses and the beachside or buy stuff at a mom-and-pop store. In Door County, Wisconsin, you can experience the small town charm of America.

In A Nutshell

Traveling can be both rewarding and exhilarating. You might be a well-worn tourist, but planning for your next vacation isn’t an easy task. Whether you want to explore the hidden gems you have never been to before or plan to pitch your tent in a campsite in the middle of the woods, you need to prepare well for everything. If you want to make the most of your trip, then our proposed underrated summer travel ideas will hopefully aid you in making the process smoother and more convenient.

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